Budget of Ukraine is a Huge Failure. Economy is Collapsing, Ex-Minister of Finance

The state budget for 2012 is not fulfilled by 35 billion hryvnia.

This opinion was voiced by former Minister of Finance andnewly elected deputy Viktor Pynzenyk on TVi channel.

"There are a lotof things similar to the situation of 2008. Ukraine's economy iscollapsing. The budget deficit will be rather large," hesaid.

"The budget is notfulfilled by 35 billion hryvnia, it is a huge failure. The prospectis very clear. But I am concerned that no one responds to thesituation and does not take appropriate action," said the formerminister.

In his turn, BYuTdeputy Serhiy Sobolev considers that "it necessary to balance thebudget. Look what is happening now. If, at first, they said that itwas the political repression of the cities where the people votedfor the Regions but now we see that this mess is everywhere," hesaid.

"That's becausethere is no money in the budget. The budget was not usedefficiently. Expenditures that have been made are nothing more thana feast in the time of plague," he concluded.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n224573