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 US Will Use Magnitsky Act to Put Yanukovych in Place, Thinks Opposition

The opposition believes that Magnitsky Act will apply to all countries where human rights are violated.

Thisopinion was expressed by opposition leader Serhiy Sobolevcommenting on the U.S. House of Representatives bill to impose visaand economic sanctions against Russian officials, members of theMagnitsky list, Kommersant reports.

"The adoption of this document is the firstwarning to Yanukovych. Now this law could be applied to those whoorganized, inspired and ordered political repression in Ukraine,"he said.

"Thus, the law will certainly be used by theState Department and the Presidential Administration to putYanukovych in place," said Sobolev.

In addition, he said, the list of those forwhich the opposition will demand sanctions will be supplemented bythose who were "directly involved in the election fraud, that isjudges and law enforcement officers, local administrationrepresentatives, and the first persons of thecountry."

Earlier, the U.S. State Department said that itdid not intend to apply sanctions againstUkraine.

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