Hero of the Film Mine #8 About Life in Donbass Beat up with Baseball Bat. PHOTO

19-year-old Donbas Sikanov Yuriy, the main hero of the infamous film Mine #8 had his face seriously injured as a result of being beaten with a bat. This is the person who is forced to work in artisan mine to feed his family.

Yura has been in the department of maxillofacial surgeryat a hospital in Makeyevka for about a month. He is still up for along treatment, reports blogger pauluskp.

Two operationshave already been made: phlegmon of the submental area were openedand stitched. But as Head of the Department Serhiy Rumyantsev saysthe youngster has fractures of the articular process of the lowerjaw, and the need to install special plates otherwise he will notbe able to chew even bread.

Sikanov'sneighbors sent him three thousand hryvnia - they phoned the farmerwho rents the land units inherited by his mother. He paid the rentin advance. The money was enough for two surgeries and the purchaseof yogurt and juice.

It should be notedthat after the shooting of the documentary Mine #8 on theexploitation of child labor in the illegal mines in Donetsk oblastthe underage hero of the film Yuriy Sikanov started having problemswith the police.

The film made byEstonian director Mariana Kaat tells how Yura, the grandson of oncepowerful Soviet factory manager, earns in illegal artisan mines tofeed his two sisters, his stepfather and mother who drinksalcohol.

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