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 Akhmetov’s Company Wants to Raise Tariffs for Kyiv by 50%

Kyivenergo company considers a subsidized rate of heat energy for the population to be too low - by 50%.

Thiswas stated by Director General Oleksandr Fomenko, reports UkrainianNews.

"For Kyivenergo the tariff for heat energy forthe needs of the population is in action. And it does not cover 50%of the production cost of heat. We regularly provide toNatskomuslug (National commission on the state regulation ofutilities) the calculations, the Commission has the right to checkand decide whether to change or maintain their rates at currentlevels. If we talk about the cost of thermal energy production forthe needs of the population, it is 50% higher than the approvedrate for the company in its generation, transmission and supply,"said Fomenko.

However, he noted that Kyivenergo does notconsider the increase for the populationfundamental.

Fomenko highlighted that the main goal for thecompany is timely payments, whether it is compensation of thedifference or direct payment for services.

"Of course, Kyivenergo is interested in acost-based tariffs. If the rate remains at the current level, andthe state budget is prepared to compensate the difference on amonthly basis, the company accepts this option. The important thingfor us is timely payment for gas," said Fomenko.

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