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 Brawl at Caravan Shopping Center After Attempt to Install a Plaque to Killer Mazurok

A mass fight with the police broke out in Kyiv on Wednesday after an attempt by Bratstvo (Brotherhood) activists to install a plaque commemorating Yaroslav Mazurok who the police named guilty in shooting the guards of Caravan shopping center.

Bratstvoactivists together with nationalist organizations Patriot ofUkraine and The Social Nationalist Assembly applied to jolf theevent to Kyiv mayor's office, NR reports. At 12:00 they gathered atthe entrance of the Caravan shopping center on Luhovaya street. Theactivists brought a plaque made of plywood covered the glassreading: "Neohaydamak Ukrainian Yaroslav Mazurok Bought and ShotHere"

"Mazurok opened fire in response to threats andhumiliation by the Caravan guards. "This is a natural reaction of anormal Ukrainian. A real Ukrainian is a man with an illegal gun.Most people are accustomed to enduring humiliation, so Mazurok'sactions set a good example for them," said Bratstvo leader DmytroKorchynskyy.

The event aroused great interest among the press- Bratstvo itself brought 15 people while there were three times asmany journalists. Cameraman even pushing, trying to knock out abetter place to take a story.

Korchinsky continued his speech with expressinghis deep condolences to the relatives of the dead security guards,and expressed hope that those who survived will quit "this unworthyprofession of a security employee."

Suddenly, several policemen in civilian clothesbegan to push the representatives of Bratstvo from under the canopyat the entrance to the store. At that the tough guys did not showany IDs and have not explained the problem.

One of the policemen in plain-clothes managed tosnatch the Mazurok plaque, and immediately took to hisheels.

A man in civilian clothes was covered byuniformed police officers - they did not allow the activists toregain the stolen property.

The plaque owners caught the robber about a 100meters away near a gas station and tried to take itaway.

Scuffle ensued. Police officers - uniformedofficers - in groups of two to four attacked two activists - AndriyVatolkin and Taras Karpyuk and tried to wring their hands and pushthem to the ground.

It is worth noting that passer-bys tried tostand up for the men and pushed the policemen.

One of the activists - Vatolkin - managed toescape and run away from the police officers. Karpiuk was arrestedand taken to Obolon district police station.

Participants of the rally said that lawenforcement officers, stealing plate, acted in the same way as thesecurity did towards Mazurok.

Now Bratstvo activists are heading to the policestation where the detained is.

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