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 Herman Fears Ukrainians Talking About Hanging

Kivalov-Kolesnichenko Language law has not contributed to the consolidation of Ukrainians.

In an interview to ICTV channelб President's adviser Hanna Herman noted: ""I believe that the language law did not contribute to the consolidation of society and strengthening of independence," said Herman.

She added: "I hope that together we will make such amendments to the law that will allow our people to believe that we want the unity of Ukraine."

Responding to the question whether such consolidation of politicians is possible, provided that the Party of Regions will offer posts to opposition in case of forming its own majority, Herman said: "In the speech of neo-Nazis in Warsaw, they said that there will be no more round tables and all Communists will hang on the trees instead of leaves. Such slogans are already heard where the crisis seriously affected the society. We have this ahead of us. And I fear the crisis that will come may raise these sentiments, when people do not think about round tables and seeking dialogue, understanding but instead they will be talking about who will be hanging on the trees. This is terrible, this is the choice that we should not make."

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