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 Tymoshenko Continues Hunger Strike, Lawyer Says. VIDEO

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is in Ukrzaliznytsya hospital in Kharkiv right now, is not going to stop the hunger strike.

UNIAN cites herlawyer, deputy Serhiy Vlasenko: "As of today, an hour ago, she hadno wish to stop the hunger strike." He said that Tymoshenkocontinues the hunger strike in protest against electoral fraudduring the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the 15thconsecutive day.

Vlasenko assessesTymoshenko's health as heavy: she is exhausted, she lost weightsignificantly, she can barely walk unassisted. "The health of YuliaTymoshenko, I would assess as heavy. She is lying almost all thetime. There is a special orthopedic deck chair in the room forlawyer visits and she lies on it. She lost a lot of weight. Lasttime I saw her on Thursday. Even compared to Thursday she is muchthinner. She is exhausted," said Vlasenko.

According tohim, Tymoshenko takes no medications or medical procedures."Treatment is discontinued," said the defenselawyer.

Vlasenko notedthat there is no information available as to the arrival of doctorsfrom Berlin clinic Charité to Kharkiv. Vlasenko also said thatTymoshenko remains firm and mentally ready to continue the hungerstrike. "Her spirit is not broken. I am convinced that they wouldlike to see it broken but believe me they won't," concludedVlasenko.

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