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 Obama Will Not Shake Hands with Yanukovych, Says Ex-ambassador

Foreign policy of the of U.S. President Barack Obama's administration will significantly change after his reelection.

In an interviewto Channel 5 the former Ukrainian Ambassador to the US YuriyShcherbak said thatObama's foreign policy hasbeen completely failing in all directions, but his second term willbe with more harsh rhetoric, including in the direction ofUkraine.

He added thatthe relations will not deteriorate at once but Barack Obama willnot shake hands with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych afterthe failed parliamentary election which the Ukrainian governmentflunked.

In confirmationof his words, he said that the U.S. State Department will possiblybe headed by senator Keighley who stands for democratic principlesand human rights so in its relations with Ukraine Washington willbe guided by such rhetoric.

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