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 Communists Demand to Ban Svoboda and Cease Cooperation With IMF

In Zaporizhya the Communist Party of Ukraine, marked the 95th anniversary of October Revolution with a rally. They demanded to ban Svoboda party and stop cooperatiion with the International Monetary Fund.

UNIAN reports that a resolution approved by the participants of the rally attended by about a thousand people, contains an appeal to the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and the Verkhovna Rada to cease cooperation with the IMF.

Supporters of the Communist ideology also demand to ban "neo-Nazi political parties and organizations, Svoboda, Tryzub (Trident), UNA-UNSO, and others."

They also stated demands for the immediate repeal of the pension reform, introduction of state regulation of essential goods prices , nationalization of strategic companies and joining the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space with Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

The resolution adopted by the participants of the meeting also requires the reduction of tariffs for housing and communal services to no more than 10% of family income.

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