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 Caravan Shooter Found Dead. He Shot Himself, Source Says

A suspect in the murder of the guards in the Caravan shopping mall Yaroslav Mazurok found dead in Kyiv.

KomsomolskayaPravda citing a source in the police reports thathe shot himself.

The website ofthe Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that a man's body wasfound in Kyiv. A body that is similar to the suspect in the murderof the guards in the Caravan shopping center Yaroslav Mazurok.Preliminary conclusion is that the cause of death issuicide.

The report notesthat the found body was reported by a Kyiv resident who was walkinghis dog in the morning. An investigative team was immediatelydispatched which stated the recent death of a man who looks likeMazurok. He died of a gunshot wound.

The clothes of thedeceased contained a passport. A weapon was found nearby. Currentlyexperts and operatives are working at the scene trying to figureout where the man was hiding.

The police saythat the DNA test was appointed to reliably determine whether a manfound dead is Mazurok.

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