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 United Opposition Prepared to Recognize New Rada Illegitimate. VIDEO

Batkivschyna United opposition is ready to recognize the newly elected Parliament illegitimate and insist on holding early presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to Batkivschyna press service,a meeting of the United opposition council discussed the issue offraud in the vote count and the subsequent coordination of theopposition forces. According to the results of the meeting thefollowing decisions were adopted:

1. Together with Svoboda and theVitali Klitschko's Strike start protests at the building of theCentral Election Commission.

2. Set a Demand to PresidentYanukovych, the Attorney General, and the Central ElectionCommission to recognize the legal victories of the oppositioncandidates in districts 11, 14 (Vinnytsya oblast), 94, 95 (Kyivoblast), 99 (Kirovohrad oblast), 130, 132 (Mykolayiv oblast), 194,197 (Cherkasy region.), 211, 216 (Kyiv city) and in those districtswhere, in accordance with the original protocol the representativesof other opposition forces - Svoboda and Udar - havewon.

3. Consider a draft resolutionin Verkhovna Rada on the investigation of the facts of fraud duringthe 2012 elections and bring to justice the chairmen and members ofprecinct and district election commissions, judges and securityforces involved in the falsification of the will of the Ukrainiancitizens, as well as those who ordered these crimes, the regime'scandidates.

4. Address the member countriesof the European Union, the U.S., Canada, and the internationalobserver missions with comprehensive information about the facts ofrigging the vote count. If the power does not immediately stop theelectoral fraud and misappropriation of mandates received byopposition candidates, Batkivschyna United opposition is ready torecognize the Verkhovna Rada of the next convocation illegitimateand will insist on holding early presidential and parliamentaryelections.

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