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 Infamous District in Kyiv Oblast Victory Gave Victory to Zasukha. PHOTOS + VIDEO

District commission #94 recognized Tetyana Zasukha, candidate of the Party of Regions as a winner.

The final protocolon the election results was announced by the head of the electioncommission, the Ukrainian Pravda reports. The announcement was metby people shouting 'Shame!'.

Head of the commission (Party of Regionsquota)

At that, thecommission members from the opposition placed the boxes withuncounted ballots on the tables.

The commission hasrefused to re-count them in order to quickly consider the appellatecourt decisions on non validating the voting in 28precintcts.

5 members out of 16 voted against the acknowledgement of theprotocols. One member signed it with his own opinion.

Protocol without the signatures of allmembers

Earlier the CEC hasrefrained from re-counting in several districts which it setitself, thus violating the law. It was done in order to quicklyannounce the appellate court decisions which were based on theParty of Regions observers claims that they were allegedly not letinto the district.

In their lawsuits the representatives of Viktor Romanyukprovided decrees with forged signatures. However, the courts haveignored the facts.

When the commission members began the wrongdoing BYuT deputyVolodymyr Oliynyk and Front Zmin activist Andriy Pyshnyy haveintervened. Commission members controlled by the Party of Regionsstarted calling someone. After that Tetyana Zasukha appeared in thecommission.

Viktor Romanyuk and Tetyana Zasukha

Zasukha's husband who has been on the run abroadsince 2004

She started commanding the commission to work, andother people to take their seats. Zasukha's husband, former Kyivoblast governor came to support her.

At that, considering the decision of the Appeal Court, thedistrict commission obtained grounds for the annulment of the votein 28 precincts which comprises about 30,000 voters, thus simplydeleting the votes of these people.

Pyshnyy told the press that the opposition will file acomplaint to the courts regarding the events that took place in thecommission on Saturday night. "Zasukha will not become a deputy,"he said.

Zasukha and one of the commissionmembers

"Athletic journalists"

"They told 17 thousand people (who voted for Romanyuk in theprecincts where the voting results were cancelled): you arenobody," he said.

After the announcement another deputy Anatoly Hrytsenko.

It should be noted that "the press" (see picture above) triedto prevent the work of the Ukrainian Pravda journalist when shewanted to record the signing of the protocols by commissionmembers.

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