Mother of a Special Forces Policeman: I Hate My Son! VIDEO

The situation in Pervomaysk where Berkut special force has stormed 132 district commission has split a mother and a son.

Channel 5 tells a story of a woman from Pervomaysk who addressedthe President Viktor Yanukovych: "Is this how Yanukovych listens topeople? (referring to his campaign slogan I will hear everyone).Because of him I hate my son. That is what they make people feel,"said the desperate woman.


Earlier it was reported that after the scandals with result riggingin 132 district on the CEC website and after the opening of ballotboxes by unknown persons, on Friday, November 2, Berkut fightersstormed and seized control of the commission. Later on a secondassault took place. Berkut was destroying ballots. Tear gas andclubs were used and one person was hospitalized.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v222870