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 Attorney General Pshonka is Overtaking Kornatskyy’s business and He Will Not Stop at Anything, Says Montyan on Lawlessness in Pervomaysk

Family of the Attorney General Pshonka is purposefully and methodically taking away successful businesses of candidate Arkadiy Kornatskyy that he has been building since 2004.

Lawyer Tatyana Montyan writes on her blog: "He(Kornatskyy) turned out to be a tough guy and uncompromising manwho refused to lie down under the rule of these ruthless thugs.Murder threats to him, his wife and a little daughter started -together with his family he moved abroad. His case is a landmark inthe sense that if he will withstand - Pshonka's power will beshattered. Pshonka therefore cannot afford to lose and will doanything - even burn the 132 district with napalm," wroteMontyan.

She also remindedthat last night Berkut special forces seized control over 132district commission and began to destroy theballots.

"It is hard to saywhether Pshonka realizes how they are globally setting up theirboss, the President because with this fantastic greed and avarice,outrageous showing off and ambitions. This is the case when thefight is to the death and there can only be one winner. ForYanukovych's team it is equally deadly to allow Kornatskyy to winsince it would set a precedent - "a piece of meat escaped the jawsof a hungry jackal" and to finish Kornatsky off - because this casemay well be a catalyst for a new revolution," said Montyan."Personally, I would sacrifice Pshonka in this situation. Ofcourse, they are all very valuable representatives of thePresident's cohort but they are not indispensable."

According toMontyan, what you can do without interfering with the process is tospread the news as much as you can.

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