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 These Elections Are the Dirtiest in the History of Ukraine, Says the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission

These parliamentary elections were the dirtiest in the history of Ukraine.

The opinion was stated by deputy chairman of the CECZhanna Usenko-Chornaya, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"If the electionday, the day when citizens expressed their will, was quite calm andtransparent, then, unfortunately, the most important stage in theelections - the establishment of the voting and election results -today entered into a very terrible phase. There are severaldistricts in Ukraine that very clearly demonstrate the corruptionof the plurality system of the elections," she told reporters onThursday at the CEC.

According to thedeputy chairman of the Central Election Commission, at the momentthere are many election districts where the election results arenot just questionable, "but they show that they are grosslyrigged."

In addition,Usenko-Chornaya said that the CEC is still unable to obtainelectronic data from 14 districts.

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