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 Pavlovskyy About Elections in Vinnytsya: I Have Not Seen Such Things Even in Donetsk

According to deputy Andriy Pavlovskyy, 11 district in Vinnytsya where former mayor and ex-governor Alexander Dombrovskyy is losing to opposition candidate Natalia Soleyko, is repeating the scenario of the 14 district. Neither deputies nor international observers can stop the violations as of now.

"It's mayhem and anarchy here - the scenario from the 14district repeats itself. Presently a group of unknown have lockedthemselves in the room where the ballots are stored there and areconducting some illegal actions there," Andriy Pavlovskyy toldCensor.NET report over the phone from the scene.

"When OSCErepresentatives, the deputies - I and Oleksandr Dubovoy - arrived,representatives of candidates and observers, were denied the rightto attend and see what happens with election documents. At that theroom is guarded by some skinheads with press IDs - about 40 ofthem. And they do not let international observers in," said thedeputy. "Well, you know, I have not see such things even inDonetsk!"

"Now we are in theregional prosecutor's office and we will demand to end theseviolations," added Mr. Pavlovskyy.

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