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 Opposition Fears Radical Scenario of Ceasing and Destroying Ballots by Gerega’s People

Pro-government candidate Halyna Gerega is resorting to blackmail, banditism and psychological pressure on opposition.

Opposition politician Zoryan Shkiryak states: "At themoment Andriy Illyenko is the winner of elections which isconfirmed by the results published on the CEC website. Gerega couldnot rise above the situation and save the reputation of apolitician who knows how to accept defeat. The administrationbuilding is now surrounded by criminals and thugs. According to ourdata, several hundred people were brought from Odesa and at nightthere should be about 500 of them. Some of them entered thecourtyard of the administration office and the main entranceblocking them, and some - dispersed to neighboringstreets.

Gerega'srepresentatives are psychological pressuring the members of thecommission demanmding a total vote re-count in the district.However, in the presence of TV cameras and reporters the head ofthe district commission said that not a single complaint has beenrecorded in any of the precincts. That is, any attempt to re-countthe votes in the precincts of the district is illegal. We do notexclude the extremely radical scenario by Gerega because her peopleare very aggressive and behave provocatively. They went into thesession room using fake IDs, they curse and use obscene languageand trying to provoke a fight. People were brough by Epicenterbuses (Gerega is the owner of it). They used tear gas against oneof the journalists. Attempts to force capture the ballots from thearchive and destroy them are real - there are prerequisites forthat.

Approximately thesame scenario is in 223 district which is surrounded by a similargroup applying the same methods. It seems that the actions of thesegroups are agreed and coordinated from a single center. Theopposition claims that determination, and victory.

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