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 Kyiv Hates This Regime. Bankova is Scared – in Six Months it will Completely Lose Control of the Capital, Says Hrytsenko

It is clear that the regime could not secure a single deputy in the capital.

Deputy Anatoliy Hrytsenko writes on his Facebook page:"Despite massive bribery, budget influx,administrative pressure and intimidation, Batkivschyna Unitedopposition and Svoboda confidently won even in the districts whereit was necessary to overcome not only the regime but,unfortunately, the candidates of Vitali Klitschko. The eventstaking place in the commissions now are agony and cramps ofBankova. But one after another, with long delays and attemptedfraud, the commissions did have to announce the victory ofopposition candidates!"

"The mainconclusion is that Kyiv rejects this regime, it hates it. And theyvote for opposition even if they take gifts from the pro-governmentcandidates. And Bankova is scared - in six months in the mayoraland Kyiv council elections they will lose control of the capitalcompletely. Thank you Kyivans - for your civic position," wroteHrytsenko.

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