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 Pro-Government Zasukha is Trying to Steal Victory from Opposition Candidate in Kyiv Oblast

Tetyana Zasukha is trying to steal the victory of the United opposition candidate Viktor Romayuk who is leading in the plurality district # 94 (Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast).

At the present moment Obukhiv district court violating thelaw is holding a closed hearing regarding the complaints ofZasukha's representatives which demand to invalidate the votingresults in 17 sites, where Romanyuk has a confident victory.Representatives of the United opposition are not allowed in thecourt.

A former member ofthe district commission from Batkivschyna Mykola Motryk wasexcluded from it about 10 days ago because he was trying to blockillegal decrees.

He informedCensor.NET that Zasukha and judges are behind the closed doors incourt. "During the day a bus came to the court. We suppose thepeople were district commission members but they would not tellus.

The only personwho was able to break through inside the court was Romanyuk'srepresentative who is a deputy himself.

The police enteredthe building after him and are probably trying to remove him fromthe premises even though he has the right to be there. The courtalso has our inquiries and motions and he has the right to getacquainted with the documents. But right now the process is takingplace behind closed doors," said Motryk.

According toMykola Motryk, representatives of the United opposition have allprotocols from polling stations with wet seals. According to thedata, Viktor Romanyuk confidently wins Tetyana Zasukha. However,the precinct election committee which processed just over 60% ofthe ballots is deliberately delaying the process so thatrepresentatives of Zasukha have time to strengthen their positionwith the help of the Obukhiv district court decision. If itinvalidates the results of the elections in 17 districts whereRomaniuk wins it will take away 10,000 votes. Thus, under currentlegislation by conducting this operation the Party of Regionsintends to announce the winner based on the results of only thosepolling stations where Zasukha wins.

The victory of theUnited opposition candidate Viktor Romanyuk in the pluralitydistrict #94 (Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast) does not please the Party ofRegions. They want to annul the election results in 17 districtswhere Romanyuk has a confident lead and take away his 10,000 votesin favor of Tetyana Zasukha who is running for the Party of Regionsin this precinct.

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