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 Phantom Voting Data is Being Input in Elections Electronic System, says the CEC Deputy Chairman

The deputy head of the Central Election Commission Zhanna Usenko-Chornaya says that in some districts 'phantom' data is being input into 'Elections' electronic system.

UNIAN reports that Usenko-Chornaya made the statement duringtoday's meeting on reception of protocols of district electioncommissions of voting in parliamentary elections on October28.

"There is a whole list of districts in which there are differencesbetween the input in 'Elections' information-analytical system andprotocols with wet seals and signatures of the electoralcommissions members. And there are plenty of districts like that inUkraine," said Usenko-Chornaya.

The deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission proposedto check the protocols of precinct election commissions to ensurethat these differences are detected in a timely manner.Usenko-Chornaya stressed that the number of protocols of precinctelection commissions was limited, and each of them had acorresponding number.

"It is important for us to be able to physically see them, toavoid 'phantom' data or 'Potemkin villages' (fake)," she said.

In the course of the meeting which began at 12.00 am the CECreceived protocols of two precinct election commissions - one fromDonetsk and one from Poltava oblast. Presently the CEC meeting isadjourned.

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