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 General and Statistical Information on Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine

Sunday Ukraine is holding mixed system elections for Verkhovna Rada.

225 deputies will be elected in accordance with the party listsand 225 in plurality districts. In accordance with the legislationthe polling stations will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 33,769 pollingstations were formed in Ukraine, including 32,188 regular, 1,465special and 116 foreign ones. 32,188 stations are equipped withweb-cameras that stream online on the Internet.

87 political parties participate in these elections. Only 21 ofthem has over 2,000 candidates running in the party lists and 66parties have plurality candidates. Over 2,000 plurality candidatesare running in 225 districts. As of October 26 the voters listsinclude 36,083,621 citizens that have the right to vote.

3,797 official observers from 28 countries and 35 internationalorganizations will keep track of the elections. The elections willalso be observed by 33,090 representatives of national civicorganizations, 130,750 observers from the candidates and 157,898from the political parties.

According to the legislation, the Central Election Commission shalldetermine final election results up to November 12 (included).

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