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 "Life Under Yanukovych is Crap": Protest During Azarov's Subway Station Opening Scattered by "Athletes". PHOTOS

Mykola Azarov, who is to open the Ippodrom (Race Track) subway station, was met by protesters.

About two dozensof young people with placards against the candidate of the Party ofRegions Ihor Lysov in Goloseevskiy district came to protest to thenew subway station. They are chanting "Lysov - Bandit", reportsGazeta.ua.

Young people say that surrounding houses have noelectricity, water and heating. They did not have time todemonstrate the posters as they were jumped by about a dozen oftough looking men. They began to wring their hands and rip andthrow the posters on the ground.

Law enforcement officers, present on the scene, firstlooked at what was going on and then separated the people. Youngpeople continued to shout "Lysov - Bandit" and "Life UnderYanukovych is Shit." Then came elderly women with packages showingIhor Lysov on them. "You have no conscience slanderinga man like that," they were saying.

After that, allthe young people were moved a hundred meters from the entrance bythe police. Around 200 hundred gathered at the station. Inparticular, these are people who are going to show posters toprotest against the failure of the Affordable Housingprogram.

"We wanted to protest regarding the poorly constructedaffordable housing on Motornyy street," said one of thewomen.

However, as journalist Natalia Sokolenk wrote on his Facebookpage, fighting near the metro station continues.

"The fight continues at the Race Track! Tell your colleaguesthat the other exit of the station with Azarov that 100 meters awaypeople are being beat up," she wrote.

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Source: Photos Alisa Rubin, Facebook