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 The Party of Regions Prepares Large-Scale Information Provocations Against Leading Opposition Candidates in the Capital, Says Shkiryak

The leader of the New Kyiv Civil Association and United Opposition representative Zoryan Shkiryak stated that the Party of Regions headquarters in Kyiv prepare extensive informational provocations in the media against the highest rated plurality candidates Batkivschyna in the capital.

According to the politician's press service, he stated that they have received information through reliable sources about the Kyiv Regions technology of smear campaign to be thrown in the media in the last days of the campaign. "It's about preparing fake TV spots directly smearing the highest-rated members of Batkivschyna in the capital. The main roles in these masterpieces will be played by paid actors.

As conceived by the masterminds of this provocation, these people will testify about various allegedly illegal actions of opposition candidates Dmytro Andriyevskyy, Kseniya Lyapina, Serhiy Terekhin, etc." said Shkiryak.

"The Defector who is the Regions candidate Lutskyy and other government candidates realize they are suffering total defeat in Kyiv and they resort to these steps - false, smearing provocation against the opposition before the voting day," said the leader of the New Kyiv.

"After the dirtiest campaign in the history of Ukraine, Regions candidates could not break Kyiv's residents, their lies proved to be a failure. That is why hysteria and fear push these pseudo-leaders to the extreme and vile actions," said the politician.

He stressed that all these pseudo news stories and dirt that may float up at a press conferences or in the news are brutal lies and forgery. Shkiryak expressed confidence in the victory of Batkivschyna and Svoboda representatives in Kyiv and said that he is convinced that these provocations will not work.

"Dmitro Andriyevskyy, Kseniya Lyapina, Serhiy Terekhin and other representatives of Batkivschyna and Svoboda in plurality districts are undisputed leaders of the election campaign and will defeat the regime. No matter how perverted representatives of the criminal regime have been in recent days, their cheap tricks and open provocation will never sell in Kyiv," concluded the politician.

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