Budget Has no Money for Government Employees, Says Yatsenyuk. VIDEO

United opposition demands that the Prime Minister reports how much funds are in the Single Treasury Account, how much is lacking for salaries of government employees and what is the deficit of the state budget.

Opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated that there is not enough funds to last till the end of the year. "In the last two months the budget has been empty. Thy are lacking 206 million hryvnias for salaries in Ivano-Frankivsk only. It is the same all over the country."

"The protected articles of the budget are being cut and are not being financed," noted the opposition council chairman.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk addressed the Prime Minister demanding his report on the state of the economy. "Because there is life after elections," he added.

He stressed that Batkivschyna United opposition demands the government to report how much funds are in the Single Treasury Account, what is the size of state budget debt to local budgets, how much funds we are lacking for government employee salaries and
energy resources financing.

He also noted that Azarov has to answer on what articles will be re-financed by the end of the year "so we get real numbers - Ukrainian state budget deficit which has tripled in the last year. Today it constitutes 15 billion hryvnias compared to 5 last year," underlined Yatsenyuk.

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