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 Kidnapping of the Russian Opposition Activist is Destructive, Shameful, and Humiliating, Says the Former Vice Head of SSU

If the kidnapping of the Russian opposition activist took place without the knowledge of the Ukrainian side, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would have to file a note because this is humiliating for the country.

In an interview toChannel 5 Lieutenant General Oleksandr Skipalskyy commented on thekidnapping of Russian opposition activist Leonid Razvozhayev byRussian security services: "Things like that are suppressed by anymeans of security and defense of the country possible. And I thinkswe are overestimating what the Russian FSS can do. If it was themthen in light of Yanukovych visit to Moscow there would be adiplomatic note and the visit would not take place. That is why itlooks destructive and shameful and humiliating for our country. Ido not believe one bit that this happened without the consent ofthe Ukrainian side," said Skipalskyy.

At the same time he underlined that the actions of special servicesseem hasty. "This is the result of haste. There is a procedure.There is a practice for extraditing criminals in the world," saidhe explaining that for actions like that the Russian side had tofile a request with prosecutors or Security Service of Ukraine.Skipalskyy also said that it might have been a personal requestfrom one President to another.

"The haste here led to the fact that now everybody is washing theirhands. It is a pity that none of the parties or civil human rightsorganizations have reacted to this."

He stressed that "if our President will bring a discount for gasfrom Russia - it will be useful. But if it is a noble gesture fromUkraine towards Russia and its authorities than it is a blank.Ukraine will be in disadvantageous position and it isregretful."

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