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 Yefremov is a Bandit Who Ravaged our City but We Will Vote for Party of Regions, Stakhanov Residents. VIDEO

The former employees of charred coal chemistry plant that was ravaged and robbed by companies of Regions' Yefremov scold the deputy.

However, as Censor.NET reports,Stakhanov residents promise to continue supporting and voting forthe Party of Regions


Stakhanov resident says:

- Stakhanov charred coal chemical plant. You've been there. Thelast director Zyabrev was also a bandit. He was a director from theCommunists. Everybody is a thief there. We are all from the plant.And our beloved Oleksandr Yefremov - he is number #5 in the Partyof Regions - one of the biggest gangsters who destroyed theenterprise, the mine... And all the charcoal and coal industry ofStakhanov. We did not get a single penny when we were kicked out.And everything was done by Yefremov. He organized a fund. Hefounded a company that bought the plant. They bought it for 1.5 - 2thousand hryvnias. Basically they got it for free. I will vote forthem. I am telling you straight. For the Party of Regions. Becausethey had done and are doing a lot for Ukraine. Though they havegangsters there that broke our economic operations that was inplace during Soviet times.

- So you are going to vote for Yefremov?

- I will not vote for Yefremov. I will vote for the party.

- But he is in the party.

- There are a lot of people in the party. And he does not matter.He got rich and now he is going with the flow together witheveryone in the party. But I will vote for them. And thosegangsters: Yatsenyuk, Lutsenko, Tymoshenko - this is anoutrage.

- But they did not ruin your plant?

- But they did more worse for the state. The plant is peanutscompared to that. They stole billions. Well, youunderstand.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v221228