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 Russian Security Service Rampage in Kyiv - Putin's Bandits Kidnap an Opposition Activist

Just Russia deputy's assistant Leonid Razvozhayev was arrested by Basmannyy court for two months.

"He was arrested for a 2-month term. The court approved it,"said State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev.

Russia 24 channel quotes the deputy saying that Razvozhayev wasdetained by Russian special forces in Kyiv with the permission ofthe Ukrainian side and later taken out of the country on a privateplane.

"The lawyers were not allowed but we will try tomorrow," addedPonomarev.

Previously the press service of Fight union of leftist partiesinformed the press that Russian opposition activist LeonidRazvozhayev was kidnapped by unknown persons on Friday near thebuilding of UN High Commissioner Department. According to the pressservice, Razvozhayev had been legally in Kyiv since Wednesday,October 17. He decided to refer to international institutions forpolitical asylum.

"Razvozhayev filled out an application and filed it to the name ofthe High Commissioner and when he exited the Department on Lavrskastreet, 16, the Department employees heard cries for help and afterthat nobody saw Leonid and he could not be contacted," says thepress release.

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