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 The Party of Regions is Boasting About Eggs: The Country is Rapidly Growing

Party of Regions deputy Yelena Bondarenko states that Ukraine is a dangerous competitor in Europe in regard to agricultural products.

In an interview to Glavkom she said: "They(Europeans) understand that. They have their own problems sellingtheir agricultural products and now they have Ukraine which israpidly growing."

"I was surprised to find out that last year Ukraine became #1egg producer in the world. We do not produce them for internalmarket only. We would like to export them even though they have ashort expiration period," she added. It is the same with pork andchicken. "We have problems with production of cattle and dairyproducts but when we reach a certain level, when we cover ourdemand we will need to go to external markets," saidBondarenko.

But in her opinion we are not welcome in Europe. "They seeUkraine as a consumer market for their products and not vice versa.And this explains the double and triple standards in regard toUkraine. Everyone has their own interest, everyone is fighting forthe success of his country without consideration for othercountries. There is no charity here," noted the Regionsdeputy.

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