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 Yanukovych: People Have Their Heads Filled With Non-Sense and Do Not See That Their Income is Growing

Ukrainians are so politicized that they do not notice the improvement in the economy, says Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

According to Interfax, he said: "There are critics today thatsay bad things. Those are the people who have been doing nothingfor years and have done nothing in their lives. They don't evenknow the terminology but they criticize. That is why we live in avery politicized environment now."

"Political tension is so high today and people's heads are sofilled with non-sense by politicians that they are losing theirguidance," added Yanukovych.

The head of stated that the people in the meeting representexecutive power and thus should not indulge into populism but tellthe truth to the people. "We don't need percentages or districts,we need the development of the country, the improvement of people'slives," he stressed.

According to Yanukovych, Ukraine has growing tendencies ofcitizens' well-being. He said that the salaries have grown by 15%and the consumer basket is growing. "Despite the slow down ineconomic development as it is happening all over the world, we seethat the basics of life, basics of well-being, that is citizens'income are growing."

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