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 Yatsenyuk Calls on Klitschko to Sign Rada Coalition Agreement. VIDEO

United opposition chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk sent a letter to the Strike party leader Vitaliy Klitschko in which he calls on him to sign a joint political agreement with Batkivschyna and Svoboda on creating a coalition of democratic powers in Verkhovna Rada of the VII calling.

Citing the opposition's press service Censor.NET reports that Yatsenyuk announced it during a meeting in Sumy on October 16.

"We want to create a new democratic majority in the new Verkhovna Rada. I am waiting for an answer from Vitaliy Klitschko. I hope and I believe that Vitaliy will be with us. He is from Ukraine and that's why he shall to be with democrats," noted Yatsenyuk. He underlined that the United opposition successfully agreed plurality candidates with the Strike, including Sumy oblast: "We achieved good results here. Yesterday the Strike has taken down three candidates in favor of Batkivschyna and we took down one in favor of the Strike. We did it," added Batkivschyna chairman.

In a letter to Klitschko Yatsenyuk noted that the United opposition considers the creation of democratic coalition a priority task in the new parliament on which the future of Ukraine largely depends on. "The main goal of forming such coalition is the return of Ukraine on the European path of development, dismissal of Viktor Yanukovych from power by means of impeachment, release of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko, denunciation of Kharkov Agreements, prolongation of moratorium on land sale, revoking the language law, anti people's Pension Reform and Tax Code, etc."

Batkivschyna and Svoboda have conducted preliminary discussions regarding the political agreement on creating a coalition of Democratic Powers and its public signing. "At that we hope that the Strike party that has claimed democratic principles in its work will join the process. Only together will we be able to build a democratic Ukraine and remove the current criminal occupation regime from power," said Yatsenyuk in his letter. The document also notes that the agreement shall be signed by the plurality candidates who were acknowledged as single candidates from Batkivschyna and Strike parties.

The document states that the United opposition is confident that a political agreement on creating a coalition of democratic powers in Verkhovna Rada shall be signed without further ado, before the election day: "Timely agreement between democratic powers decreases the risk of creation of pro Presidential majority in the future parliament which the regime will try to create using their common methods - pressure, bribery and blackmail of the people's deputies, especially in plurality districts."

"We ask you to inform us of the Klitschko's Party Strike consent to solemnly and publicly sign the above mentioned Agreement together with leaders of Batkivschyna and Svoboda as well as express your amendments and remarks regarding its draft," says the letter.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v220698