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 Batkivschyna Revealed Information About Hard Negotiations with Klitschko's Strike

The problems with agreeing a single candidate were not arithmetic but ethical.

United oppositionissued a press release: "If the negotiation partners disappear fromradar at the most crucial moment, if they do not answer theirphones when the partners make isolated decisions and tell them tothe other side not personally but via Internet, hiding their eyes-- obviously there is a problem. But not with arithmetic but withethics. And it's not Batkivschyna that has a problem but somebodyelse."

"If there wasn't for this problem, the number of agreed candidateswould be much longer and further cooperation in campaigns deeper,"stressed the opposition.

However, even this result is considered positive by Batkivschynaand the negotiations as a valuable experience that will help tounderstand hypothetical coalition partners.

Batkivschyna is offering the Strike to stop the discussions on thenumber of agreed candidates and instead focus on their quality.Namely - political responsibilities of agreed candidates regardingthe voting on the law on impeachment and starting the procedure,the law on recalling the deputies, criminal liability for violatingpersonal voting principles, etc.

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