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 13 Policemen Snatched an Activist to Hide her from Azarov Claiming it is Related to Caravan Shooting. PHOTO

Law enforcement officers started detaining girls in relation to Caravan shootings.

Journalist NatalyaSokolenko writes in her blog: "The policemen have something strangehappening in their heads. So strange that they started detainingGIRLS in regard to the Caravan shooting. Yevheniya Mateychuk -young girl with long hair weighing around 50 kg - she came out ofher house last Friday and was attacked by a gang of men in plainclothes (the complaint specifies that there were 2 more in policeuniforms) and dragged her into a van. Inside there were more men.One of them Yevheniya recognized as the head of public securitydepartment of Mykolayiv police Oleh Sychev and realized that shewas detained by the police. She described their rough behavior andhow they did not let her contact her lawyer and relatives. Todayshe filed a claim to Mykolayiv police," informs thejournalist.

"It is nonsense - when they were delivering her to the stationthey were asking her about Caravan shooting. May be they have newimages? That it was not man but a girl, with long hair and a skirtinstead of jeans?" writes Sokolenko.

Yevheniya was alsoquestioned in regard to Mykolayiv currency changers. And naturallyshe was not shown composite because of which she wasdetained.

"But possibly theyhad a different composite image - on a social activist who may ruina happy trouble free atmosphere for Mykolayiv residents during thevisit of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov? On that day Azarov came tothe oblast center and the girl believes that she was detained forthat reason - to neutralize her. She is the head of DemocraticAlliance party cell. She was the one who publicized and attractedattention to the fact that the police released rapists in OksanaMakar case. She gathered people and took them to the prosecutor'soffice to demand their immediate arrest. And it happened. AlsoYevheniya started a protest of Mykolayiv shipwrights. With her helpthey started the struggle against Mykolayiv ship-building plant.The wages backlog is four years. And the plant itself is beingrobbed. On the eve of Azarov's visit - October 11, Yevheniyaarranged for a protest against the construction on Mira street - asanctioned protest. She thinks that the police intended to hold herthere for the whole day to make sure that Azarov is happy."According to my information they wanted to question me for 7-8hours. But a human rights activist and a local deputy came and theyhad to release me. I spent an hour and a half in thestation."

The first officialpolice story regarding her arrest is absurd: when a human rightsactivist, a local deputy and a journalist came there the policetold them that Yevheniya "was jumping on the car and she was takento the station to be questioned as to thecircumstances."

Yevheniya herselfsays that she was not afraid: "I did not tell my mum because itwould make her cry. And my dad is at the sea now - they don't needmy worries! My sister, friends from school call me and offer theirsupport. On the whole this story just made mestronger."

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