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 Opposition has Withdrawn 26 Candidates in Favor of Klitschko's Strike Party. VIDEO

The United opposition has called off 26 candidates in plurality districts.

Comments reports that one of the opposition leaders OleksandrTurchynov noted that there was a tough discussion regarding thematter.

The Congress (of the Party) has voted on the decision to take down26 candidates in favor of the Strike. There are current deputiesamong them. The decision was tough but it was passed," notedTurchynov.

In his turn, the head of the Party list Arseniy Yatsenyuk notedhat the decision should have been made half a year ago.

"The fact that 26 candidates have been withdrawn will increasethe chances of the opposition to win," said Yatsenyuk.

According to the media, there have been 4 current deputies takenoff the elections.

Moreover, one of the opposition leaders Anatoliy Hrytsenko saidthat a separate address of Batkivschyna to Strike has beenconfirmed. "It deals with a list of things, which will test usafter the elections. Among them: the law on recalling a deputy,personal voting, impeachment of the President, moratorium on landsale till 2016, cancellation of the pension reform, Tax Code, andother matters," said Hrytsenko.

Previously, the Strike has withdrawn 32 of its candidates inplurality districts in favor of the opposition and independentcandidates.

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