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 Ruling Party: Web Cameras Will Not Stream Live During Ballot Counting

On the night of elections the cameras in the ballot stations will be working in the recording mode until the district electoral commission protocols are formed (signed).

According to the Regions' press service, the ruling party'srepresentative in the Central Election Commission VolodymyrZabarskyy in his interview to the First National Channel said:"Starting from the preparation session of the district commission,one hour before voting the recording and live streaming processstarts with all the video sent to the CEC's resource where it willbe stored. At 8 p.m. the polling stations close and after thepeople who are still there have voted the live streaming will beturned off."

According to Zabarskyy, the cameras will be in the recording modeuntil the protocols (including the are adjusted ones are signed)."It is important since all the information is transferred to theCEC and is stored there for a year. It can be accessed as inaccordance with the court ruling by law enforcement as well aselectoral process subjects without a court ruling in accordancewith the order set by the CEC," he explained.

He also noted that two thirds of the funds allocated for the videosurveillance of the elections had been spent on the Internetconnection for the stations.

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