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 Regions Deputy to Commission Members: You Need to Become More Insolent, Rough, and Do What the Party Asks You to Do

The head of Simferopol Party of Regions HQ, Simferopol city council deputy Boris Frotman held a meeting of district commission members of the Regions and friendly projects where he announced a detailed plan of winning in the first district.

NR releasedan audio recording of Frotman's speech in front of 200 peopleincluding coordinators, curators, and so-called leading troikas indistrict commissions as well as ordinary members of 23 commissions(you can download audio file here).

In his speech Frotmanacknowledges that it will be harder to ensure victory in theseelections compared to the previous ones because of the new law onElections of People's Deputies. "In the past elections we initiallyhad the majority in all commission and we resolved matters quicklyand simply," noted the head of headquarters.

However, the Party ofRegions could not secure control over commissions due to thedrawing mechanism.

"Initially we don't have themajority in district commissions… That is why we need to organizeour work in such way that in any case we get the results that ourparty, the Party of Regions demands from us. The work is hard andthe tasks I will set for you will be a little unusual foryou."

(In the end of the speechFrotman will explain the huge number of commission members in theauditorium despite the small number of the Regions representatives:"We are from different parties but everybody here are our peopleand there are not ours")

He explained in everycommission there is a so-called leading troika consisting of themost loyal people.

"Despite their position -chairman, deputy chairman, secretary or regular member there arethree people in every commission that will lead it. Moreover, thereis a curator who manages 4-5 commissions at once, who is a HQrepresentative. And his orders are to be followed as if they weremy own," stressed Frotman.

After that he conducted aroll-call of the troikas and ordered to exclude those not presentand substitute them. The measures are explained by a highresponsibility for results set for his HQ.

"These strict rules will bein effect for three and a half weeks. In these 20 days we need tobecome more patient, brave, insolent, tough, and do what the partyasked us to do. And there is no other way," said thedeputy.

He explained that there aretwo ways to ensure a loyal majority in commissions: be friends withthe communists and achieve a decrease of the number of commissionmembers by excluding opponents.

"First way: we can cooperatewith members of the commission who represent the Communist Party ofUkraine. There is usually one or two of them… Just talk to them.They already got the orders to be friends with us. If some of themare not all there and does not listen to you, you need toimmediately inform me through a curator. I will make sure that theywill become your friends. On the whole, if you take our part in thecommission together with the communists then we already have themajority in most commissions. This majority is thin though. Andthat means that if even one of you does not come we will lose thismajority," said Frotman.

At the same time the head ofHQ said that the opponents need to be pressured.

"As to other commissionmembers. They are all good and clean but they are all from theparties of our foes. And they are all doing their job. May be youwill meet one of your friends there that you can cooperate with -then you need to tell your curator about it," instructedFrotman.

According to him, thestrategic mission of the commission members "to keep the majorityand make the number of members smaller. This is the mission set bythe Party's Central Committee!" said Frotman loudly.

He stated that right now allmembers who have not taken the oath need to be kicked out. And thengo on to pressuring opponents. He reminded that according toarticle 157 of the Criminal Code ignoring the commission's work byits member is punished by a fine of 5,250 to 8,750 UAH (650-1,100USD) or up to 2 years of incarceration.

And this is the article thatFrotman recommended to use and mention as much as possible. Theabsence of any commission member in 2 meetings should be followed acomplaint to a higher commission, a claim to the Prosecutor'sOffice and a friendly talk with the absentee offering him to resignby filing a corresponding application which will then betransferred to the Party of Regions HQ.

"You need to warn them: 'Iwill put you in prison. We have Frotman, he is one crazy bastard.Just puta stamp for him. Some will believe, some won't. But we do not need todiscard ten people. One-two-three is enough - we will have themajority," said Boris Frotman.

"Just explain to them actingfriendly: 'Go away and the sooner the better. Frotman will not puteveryone behind bars but two-three - definitely. Are you sure it isnot gonna be you?" the deputy praises himself.

'Alien' commission chairmenare easily dismissed, thinks Frotman.

"Next stage: alien chairmanproposes a matter - it is not supported in voting, another matter -not supported again. The question arises: is the chairmanconducting his duty if he cannot resolve any matters? No, he can't.The same article of the Criminal Code comes in handy: he is noconducting his duty, he cannot resolve anything and then he willeither make a deal with you or you will file complaints abouthim/her. This is a small, dirty and heavy little trick but I haveto explain it to you because without it we cannot get the majorityI the commissions."

Then Frotman stressed on thenecessity of ensuring high turn out by bringing people and (whichis not illegal) and easy registration of applications for voting athome. "If one of our opponents sees that there are many of thoseand there will be MANY…" Frotman advised to verify them byphone.

Boris Frotman also explainedthe coordination of efforts in a district on the voting day:coordinators wearing Press badges control everything outside thecommission and maintain communication with HQ, the curators gatherinformation directly from troikas."

"All curators have thebadges of South Capital newspaper (official newspaper of Simferopolcity council). All coordinators have the badges of theCrimea-Region (official newspaper of the Crimea cell of the Partyof Regions). These are ournewspapers.That is why workwith them. Any information they ask - give it to them,"stressed the head of Simferopol Party of Regions HQ.

He then goes on describingthe commission members' steps as instructed by law and sharesexperiences from the previous elections.

The meeting ends withpromises of salaries to all engaged in the period from October 30to November 1.

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