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 'Miserable Amateurs! They are Used to Beat Up People Instead of Operative Work', Montyan on Caravan Shooter Search

Lawyer Tetyana Montyan thinks that Caravan killer search will go on for a long time. And the reason is 'miserable amateurishness' of Ukrainian law enforcement.

"MiserableAmateurs," said Montyan to Censor.NET commenting on the police workregarding the Caravan shooter. "The whole country knows where, whoand how. Instead of setting up ambushes at his relatives and doingit quietly they acted as usual - beat up a handicapped person ,revealed information to the whole country. Typical. What can youexpect from them? They are used to beating up people instead ofdoing operative work."

Answering the question about how long will it take toapprehend the perpetrator Montyan said: "It is unclear. He can laylow and do it for a long while. And it is not hard to change yourappearance - eat up extra 20 kg, grow a beard and a moustache andgood-bye... Who will recognize him? And the police themselves cansell you a new ID. And for a low price at that. Noproblem."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n219966