Ukrainian Politics

 'In Eastern Ukraine People Have No Jobs, They Abandon Their Houses. You Cannot Live Like This,' Kuzhel

Oleksandra Kuzhel says that the regime has doomed the eastern regions of Ukraine for extinction.

In an interview to Channel 5 she said: "If you compare West andEast of Ukraine, the West has a better financial situation.Yanukovych said an important thing - we will not subsidize regionsstarting 2013 and 90% of the regions will receive subsidies in theamount of 70% of the budget. It is a verdict for this governmentand the President's policy," she stressed.

"Western Ukraine has learned to survive on its own and the Eastis being cleansed it seems. Plants cease their work, people have nojobs, they abandon their houses. In Severodonetsk and Kirovsk(Lugansk oblast) there are several apartment buildings completelyempty."

Kuzhel says that the people in the East are so miserable that theyhate everyone with no exception and regardless of politicalaffiliation. "This is where you get the attitude of people from -they hate us. And being a religious person, I understand them,because you cannot live like this. When I met with people inMariupol I told them that starting next year Mr. Akhmetov shall notbe allowed to work without waste treatment facilities. And you knowwhat one grandma said to me? 'Let them all die there!'" saidKuzhel.

She also noted that out of despair people sell their votes inelections.

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