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 Azarov's Security Did Not Let a Car With a Patient Into the Hospital In Odessa. PHOTO

Due to Prime Minister's Visit to Odessa the road traffic in the city is practically paralyzed.

Trips around the city take 3-4 times more than usual. Any carsparked on the curbs and on the streetsides were towed away by thepolice.

In Odessa the Prime Minister visited the oblast hospital whichhe presented with a modern reanimation ambulance.

According to Hrabro, there was anincident in the hospital. During Azarov's visit a patient wasbrought to the hospital. He could not walk by himself and thesecurity guards of the Prime Minister did not allow the car ontothe territory. The patients' relatives started a commotion butcould not breakthrough to the parking lot. They had to leave thecar, unload the sick person onto the wheelchair and sneak throughsecurity cordons.

The Prime Minister was met by a group of supporters with posters"We Support the Party of Regions", "We Support Azarov", and"Welcome!". When his armoured car drove up the people let out astrange supporting shout of "Azaaarov!" surprising the passing bypeople.

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