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 Azarov to Ukrainians: Crisis Can Go On For 10 or even 20 Years. But Don't Panic

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov calls on Ukrainians not to panic in case of crisis occurences in the country's economy.

During a phone session in the Komsomolskaya Pravda he said: "Oneof the components of a crisis is panic and we saw it in 2008 whenthese moods were encouraged and we saw what it came down to. Thatis why we should not give in to panic moods and follow so-calledfake analysts and experts."

The Prime Minister noted that these so-called experts have beenpredicting a crisis ever since this government took office. "It didnot happen then and it will not happen now. And this is the mostimportant thing. Small losses may occur but the government's job isto take on these loses and make sure that people are not influencedby them," continued Azarov.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minster said that the crisis that startedin 2008 is still continuing. "And according to a number of leadingeconomic experts this wave will continue for at least 10, andaccording to some - 20 years," said Azarov.

He stressed that it is hard to say at what stage of the crisis theworld eonomy is now.

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