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 Klitschko's Party Says it Warned its Candidates about their Possible Withdrawal in Favor of Batkivschyna

The candidates of the Udar (Strike) party have been warned about their possible withdrawal in case their ratings will be lower than that of Batkivshyna representatives.

In an interview to Channel 5, deputy head of the Strike'selection HQ Rostyslav Pavlenko said: "Negotiations is a longprocess and the law gives us precise dates - all those willing towithdraw from elections must do do 12 days in advance." Pavlenkoalso noted that "(We) have agreed on many things, but we aretalking about people, specific candidates, that is why everythingwill be announced when it is decided."

"All our candidates understand that if necessary, if there is achance that the ruling party has a chance of winning in thedistrict, and it is obvious that Batkivschyna candidate has abetter chance then the candidate will withdraw from the campaign,"summed up Pavlenko.

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