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 Kaletnik's Fellow Sponsor Arrested for $870,000 Bribe Under Sanctions from the "Family"

New details emerge regarding the arrest of South Customs head Oleksandr Vdovychenkio.

"It was a joint operation of Zaharchenko and Klymenko (heads ofpolice and Tax Service). The arest of such a high-ranking officialcould only hapen after the approval of the "Family" and personallyOleksandr Yanukovych," said an anonymous source of Censor.NET. "Itis a signal for Hryhoriy Kaletnik to prepare for action after theelections."

According to the Economic News, details of the operation were toldby the Attorney General's Office: "Several days ago a couple ofcustoms agents was arrested for bribes. There were testimonis thatthe money was meant to go higher up. After that a decision has beenmade to search the service garage. In the service car of the headof customs $870,000 was found."

Allegedly, the head of the South Customs refused to explain wherethe package with a substantial amount of money came from andclaimed that the money was planted. Accorfing to the source,Vdovychenko is already transferred to Kiev and now they aredeciding what to do with him.

According to a source in Odessa, the head of South Customs wasknown to be extremely cautious. "He resolved all matters withouthaste. He never touched money. Even in restaurants somebody alwayspaid for him. It is a common fact that he recived 50% from allexactions," stated the source.

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