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 National Security and Defense Secretary Klyuyev Goes on Vacation for 74 Days and Rests in Presidential Administration. PHOTOS

You can spend your vacation in various places. Turkey, Croatia or Monaco and Nice. There is Courchevel and Shamoni or there is the Presidential Administration.

"This is the new hot place," writes Serhiy Leschenko of the Ukrainian Pravda.

The National Security and Defense Council Secretary Andriy Klyuyev took a 74 day vacation from August 14 to October 26, 2012. That is the election period.

This eye-wash did not persuade the international community that Klyuyev being the head of the Party of Regions headquarters is not using the administrative resources.

This picture was taken Wednesday, October 3 near the entrance to the Presidential Administration on Lyuteranskaya street. This Gelendwagen licence plate AA 7080 MK is the car of Klyuyev's guards. It is waiting for Klyuyev who entered the Adminstration in another car.

There is the question for international observers - what is the Security Council Secretary and the head of the Ruling Party HQ doing in the Presidential Administration during his vacation?

My guess is that he came to recieve instructions that the elections need to be fair and democratic.

It is also unclear why a man on vacation would need the flashing lights on the roof. Why should they clear the way for a man officially off duty of performing things of state importance.

And one more relatively small thing - his security parked illegally, You cannot park closer than 10 meters from the pedestrian crossing. Th demads of the traffic police were ignored. The guards must be on vacation, too. A vacation from abiding the law. Life term.

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