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 Opposition: Kuzmin Wrote a Letter to US Congress but They Do not Reply to Madmen

Tymoshenko's lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko says that US Congress will ignore the letter of the deputy Attorney General Renat Kuzmin regarding Tymoshenko's involvement in 4 murders.

Talking to Gazeta.ua, the lawyer said: "You can analyze somethinglogical and rational. I am not alone in the conclusion that whatRenat Kuzmin says has nothing to do with logical and rationalthings. Kuzmin's gang which is a part of Yanukovych's band knowsonly a certain number of words that have nothing to do with theworld of law."

Vlasenko reminded that Kuzmin has been trying for a long time toexplain the world that it was Tymoshenko who ordered theassassination of deputy Yevhen Shcherban.

"For a year now he has been on this world tour telling the worldthat Tymoshenko was involved in Shcherban assassination. This manddoes not even understad that there is such thing as presumption ofinnocence. And he has an official contract with a public relationscompany that works with the Party of Regions. It means he is notindependent and consequently not a prosecutor. He is not evenhighly paid but he is a cheap PR agent. And an agent who in currentUkrainian realities can say whatever he likes," Vlasenkobelieves.

Tymoshenko's defense lawyer also added that he coompletely agreeswith the appraisal that Europeans gave to Kuzmin after Yalta forum."They said that he looks like a gangster, talks like a gangster, and acts like agangster," he reminded.

Answering the question about possible US reaction, Vlasenko said:"I am confident that the US Congress receives millions of lettersfrom crazy people every day. It does not mean that they react tothem. I am confident that anyone who reads this message will sharemy opinion."

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