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 Regime Wants to Transfer Tymoshenko from Hospital to Colony for her Call to Ovethrow Mafia

Batkivschyna considers the ceasing of Tymoshenko's treatment a regime's revenge for her video address where she calls on people to show their protest to the corrupt power in the upcoming elections.

According to the press service, the party demands immediate release of Yulia Tymoshenko. "Yanukovych' regime has once again showed its beastly face to the world. Illegal imprisoning was not enough so they are intensely trying to destroy her," says the statement.

"The prisonmen upon Yanukovych's order are planning to throw an ill person out of the hospital and into the colony again to continue their tortures without witnesses", notes the statement.

Tymoshenko's fellow party members note that the Ukrainian penetentiary system has long ago become a Stalinist one "since it is run by unlawfulness and total violation of prisoners' rights."

"Everybody understands that this is a revenge for the video address where Tymoshenko calls on the society to stop the corrupted regime of Yanukovych that ignores the laws and destroys the people's rights," notes the statement.

"Everybody's seen that Tymoshenko cannot move without a stroller, however, the regime is continuing spreading lies, and considers the whole country to be idiots by claiming some mythical 'expansion of movement activities," notes Batkivschyna.

The party reminds that "even Yanukovych had to publicly acknowledge that the court hearings on Tymoshenko were not in compliance with any standrads and are subsequently illegal. Yanukovych knows for sure that Tymoshenko did not commit any crimes and that is why we demand the regime and Yanukovych personally to immediately release Yulia Tymoshenko with the use of existing mechanisms," said the statement.

"Also considering the numerous media inquiries to the Penetentiary Service regarding an interview with Yulia Tymoshenko and her permission for that we demand for the journalists to be allowed to have interviews since the society needs to know the truth about what's ging on around the opposition leader who was supported by half a country in the recent elections," concludes the document.

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