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 Source Says Caravan Killer Reported Bomb Threat at Train Station and Escaped to Russia

The investigators think that the shooter could call in a bomb threat at the Kiev central train station to pull away some police forces from his search.

A source in Ukrainian enforcement agency said: "There are somereasons to believe that the call about a bomb at the train stationwas made by the killer to pull away some police forces."

Moreover, the investigators think that the killer acted veryprofessionally: "This is not just a murder or a some psychobreakdown. The killer's behaviour, his marksmanship, the fact thathe did not shoot in the shopping area and even the fact that hedisappeared on foot, through the parks, all point to one conclusion- we are delaing with a man who has special training, aprofessional killer. The hells from his Makarov gun discovered atthe scene were not matched to any gun in the databases. His printsare not in the database. But a man similar to the perpetrator wasidentified in the surveilance video of political meetings,"explained the source.

The hopes of catching the mysterious killer are connected withRussia. Thus, the signal from the phone that called in the threatwas lost on the border of Berdyansk region of Russia. "We shouldlook for him in a different time zone. Nine out of ten that he isin Russia," noted the source. He also said that Ukraine and Russiaare working on it, but unofficially.

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