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 The US and the EU will Build their Relations with Ukraine Depending on the Fate of Political Prisoners

The United States and the European Union will build their relations with Ukraine based on the fate of political prisoners. The agreement was made between Hillary Clinton and Catherine Ashton.

According to the statement on results of the meeting, the official website of the US State Department reports: "the United States and Europe are working extraordinarily closely together when it comes to pressing for and supporting free and fair elections that are going to take place on October 28th. Ukraine is hugely important to European security and stability. We have been very clear how much we regret what we see as selective prosecutions, including the imprisonment of former Prime Minister Tymoshenko. Secretary Clinton and High Representative Ashton agreed the U.S. and the European Union really have the same policy, which is to say that our relations with Ukraine can only really move forward when we see an end of those selective prosecutions and free and fair elections. They talked about how we can use the time between now and October 28th to support those goals."

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