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 It is not the Security Guards' Problem, it is the Problem of the MVD Minister, Says Moskal

The Vice head of the Parliamentary Committee on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption, police lieutenant general Hennadiy Moskal thinks that after the shooting of security guards in daylight the claims should be in regard to the head of the MVD and the police but not to the guards.

Previously the head of the MVD Vitaliy Zaharchenko stated that if the security guards had not made the mistake and frisked the killer instead of asking him to empty his pockets, they might have been alive now.

In an interview to Censor.NET Hennadiy Mosal said: "The security guards have no right to frisk anyone. They are not investigators or subjects of operative actions. We don't even have a law that states the rights and responsibilities of private security guards."

"They (the guards) did what they could. Their rights as well as obligations are not written anywhere. And I do not know what claims can be made against them. The claims should be made against the Minister. Why does a person armed with a Makarov gun go to the shopping mall? It is the job of the police to discover persons with illegal possession of firearms and confiscate it instead of writing it off on security guards. May be the security should install metal detectors in supermarkets?"

"What do we pay taxes for: store security or maintaining government law enforcement in the form of police?" concluded Moskal with a rhetoric question.

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