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 Head of PACE Delegation: Situation in Ukraine Is Worse than in Russia. VIDEO

Regarding the tendencies of democratic development the situation in Ukraine is worse than in Russia.

Said the head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council ofEurope observers delegation Andread Gross in an interview tothe Ukrainian Week .

When asked about the Russian experience as an example forYanukovych, Gross said: "I will surprise you a little. Regardingthe tendencies of democratic development the situation in Ukraineis worse than in Russia."

"First of all, you don't have big demonstrations," he said.According to him, starting last December, Russia has seen protestswhich are an indicator of a civil society. "You can see manypositive development tendencies there, while this does not happenin Ukraine," noted the expert.

Gross noted that since the revolution in 2004, "millions ofUkrainian citizens became disappointed and turned their backs topolitics."

"Today I see many similarities to Kuchma's times, particularly inregard to freedom of speech. After the revolution many peoplethought that freedom of speech cannot be limited and now it ispractically extinct," said Gross.

"Ukraine is experiencing a setback in regard to democracy andRussia is making a small progress," he said.

"It is my strong belief that Yanukovych is not as much repeatingPutin's path as trying to build his own clan - "the Family" - andwith it control the Ukrainian politics. And this is much worse,"noted the European politician.

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