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 Corruption Boom. Government Wants to Spend $7 Billion on Mythic Olympic Games from Yanukovych

The Ukrainian government has approved technical and economic rationalisation of hosting Winter Olympics in Carpathians in 2022.

The officials decided for the budget to be 6.9 billion dollars - it is a massive field for action of dividing government funds, says the opposition.

Kseniya Lyapina, deputy and economist, says: "There is no doubt that this, at first sight, image and sport event is in reality a very pragmatic project for personal gain of high ranking officials and certain ministers. This is what the Olympics 22 preparation project will be. The money will be stolen the same way as for Euro-2012. The dividends will go to the ministers who deal with construction, infrastructure, and communications, that is Kolesnikov and his subordinates. Also Ukravtodor, responsible for the roads, will make money. Billions of hryvnias will be once again buried in the roads that will fall apart faster than they will be fixed. The stadiums will be built the same way and they will be falling apart as it is happening after Euro 2012.

The fact that almost $7 billion is being alloted ten years before the Olympics just for preparation testifies to corruption. These money may just be laundered and used also for the election campaign of the ruling party," said Lyapina.

Another opposition deputy Ostap Semerak says: "Azarov's government introduced such amendments into legislation before Euro 2012 which ensured that infrastructure projects such as Olympics go hand-in-hand with massive corruption. All the funds from the budget are now allocated without a bidding procedure - they go to the necessary companies. So you can be sure that once again billions will be syphoned by the ministries and the National Agency on such projects.

Everything will be shady as it was during the Euro preparation. Accoding to our estimates, the officials made at least 26-30 billion hryvnias (3.12-3.75 billion dollars). Taking into account these scams, the Euro cost over 10 billion dollars and then a project like Olympics will be several fold larger. It signifies the growth of corruption appetites of our politicians."

Regretfully, all attempts to conduct independent control over the spendings for the Euro preparation were in vain. The same situation will take place here with these first $7 billion."

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