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 European Court of Human Rights Shall Rule on Tymoshenko's Case in Nearest Weeks. VIDEO

The verdict in Yulia Tymoshenko case shall be announced by the ECHR in the nearest weeks, says the Vice Head of Batkivschyna Hryhoriy Nemyrya.

In an interview to Channel 5, he said: "We don't know the exactdate of the decision. But the previous cases that we know of tellus that we should expect a ruling in the nearest weeks."

Nemyrya also said that the Party of Regions is groundless inconsidering the US Senate Resolution approval doubtful. "Regardingthe accusation that the procedure was not observed or as the Partyof Regions said was doubtful - may be they consider it doubtfulbecause the senators voted themselves and only for themselves,there was no fighting and there was no "director" (in Ukrainianparliement the ruling party votes in accordance with the the handraised by a "diector")."

"The thing that maks me wonder is that such statements are alsomade by the MInistry of Foreign Affairs which was always consideredto be the most professional institution in Ukraine. The thingshappening there right now testify to the degradation of the MFA andits leaders who are turning it into a department of thePresidential Administration," concluded the politician.

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